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Final Audit

Preparing for a final audit

A final audit is a review of your payroll and business operations at the end of your policy to ensure we’ve charged you the right amount for your workers’ compensation insurance. It is a normal part of the workers’ compensation process that helps ensure you're only paying for the coverage you need. If an adjustment is needed, you may get some money back, owe more because your payroll grew or have no change at all.

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What is a Final Audit?
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What is a Final Audit?
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Types of audits

We conduct final audits by phone, online, in-person or virtually. In some cases, we can do the audit based on information you’ve already provided so you won't have any additional steps.

What you'll need for your audit

You will need to supply payroll information for your entire policy period. To help you prepare for our audit, see which documents we recommend you have on hand. Our appointment coordinators will also let you know what they need for the audit.

For employees, you’ll need your payroll records and one of the following:

  • Employer’s quarterly reports (i.e., Texas Workforce Commission Form C-3 or IRS Federal Form 941)
  • Tax returns for unemployment or agricultural employees (i.e., IRS Federal Forms 940 or 943)
  • Wage and tax statements (i.e., IRS Federal Form W-2)

If you paid any nonemployees (1099 or non W-2 businesses or workers), you’ll also need either:

  • IRS 1099 reports
  • Payroll summary reports (e.g., ADP, QuickBooks)
  • Profit and loss statement

Upload your documents online

If your audit is conducted by phone, online, in-person or virtually, you can upload your documents online.

For phone, in-person or virtual audits, you can save time by uploading your payroll documents before your scheduled audit by logging in to Texas Mutual Online (TMO). This gives your auditor advanced time to review the documents and will speed up your time spent with your auditor.

You’ll receive an email ahead of your scheduled audit with instructions on how to start uploading your documents. If you’re new to TMO, you can sign up and return to the email you received with instructions to continue uploading your documents. For more information, explore our FAQs on document upload.

Need assistance?

Our premium audit team is full of warm, helpful specialists who walk you through the process and make it simple and easy. Explore our final audit FAQs, call (800) 859-5995 or email us at

Completing your audit online

In many cases, policyholders will receive a letter in the mail notifying them to complete their audit online through our easy-to-use system. Watch our video to help you prepare for an online audit and see what you can expect throughout the process. You will be guided through each step to submit your audit.


How to submit information online

When it comes time to complete your final audit online, you'll need to choose one person to be the final audit contact at your company. Once they begin, they will be the only person who can access your audit. The contact person should log in at to submit the information. If they do not have an account, they can create an account with your policy number and Federal Employer ID number (FEIN).

Help your employee get back on the job

Implement a return-to-work program to help workers get back on the job.

Prevent accidents in your workplace

To control workers' comp costs, reduce safety risks.