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Health and Wellness

Safety and wellness go hand-in-hand

Encouraging your employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellness routine results in a safer workplace overall. Employers who invest in their employee’s health and wellness can expect lower health care costs, increased productivity and less absenteeism as a result.

Why workplace wellness pays

Keeping your employees safe means ensuring they’re physically and mentally prepared to work. Workplace wellness is one of the best investments you can make to help your employees be healthier, safer and more productive on the job. For every $1 spent, you get up to $3 in savings on health-related costs.

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Employees performing yoga at a workplace wellness event
Employee staying healthy on the job by drinking water

Creating a healthy workplace

Whether you launch a robust workplace wellness program or simply make small improvements along the way, there are changes you can introduce to help improve the health of your workforce. From providing stretch breaks or encouraging employees to stay home when sick, you can get started today.

10 ways to create a healthier workplace

Putting your employees first

Keeping your employees safe on the job includes prioritizing their overall well-being. See how you can break down silos between your safety and wellness programs to strengthen your workforce and your business.

Learn how to integrate your safety and wellness programs

Employee using their phone and laptop to create a wellness program

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Providing your employees with healthcare coverage is an important factor in creating a positive and healthy workplace environment. Texas Mutual is on a mission to expand how many Texans can access affordable and quality healthcare. Subject to regulatory approval, Texicare, a health affiliate of Texas Mutual, will begin offering healthcare plans in 2024 to meet the diverse needs of Texas businesses, employees and their families.

Cost-saving programs

Texas Mutual offers program opportunities just for policyholders.

Workplace safety news

Read the latest in safety news on the Texas Mutual blog.