We're by your side

When you buy workers' compensation insurance with Texas Mutual, you're counting on us to be there if an employee is injured on the job. Our specialized and compassionate adjusters take that commitment seriously. Choosing Texas Mutual means that we are there through every step. Here you'll find the resources you need to manage your claim.

How the claim process works

The moment you report an injury, Texas Mutual steps in to support you and your injured employee throughout the process. We're invested in the well-being of your team, and we show it. To streamline the process, start by setting up your Texas Mutual Online account so that you can manage your claim throughout every step.

When an injury happens, we're here to protect your business and provide your employee with the care they need. Reporting is the first step in getting us to work for you. Report the injury as soon as possible so that a specialized adjuster can begin to gather any additional details needed to determine eligibility and benefits.

Be sure to share a copy of the Employee Rights and Responsibilities with your injured worker as well.

Report an injury

Injuries at your out-of-state locations

If you have coverage for your business locations outside of Texas included in your policy through our partner, Argo, we recommed reporting out-of-state-claims directly to them. Explore other states coverage to see how claims will work and what to expect with billing.

Visit Argo

In the event of an emergency, make sure your employee gets immediate care.

You can find a medical provider using our online directory. If you participate in our health care network, your employee is required to choose a network provider. They also have the option to see their primary care doctor. If you don't participate in our health care network, your employee may choose any provider. The assigned adjuster for your claim can help your employee find a network provider and answer any questions about seeking treatment.

If you participate in our health care network, you'll also need to give your employee a copy of the Notice of Network Requirements.

It's important to communicate with your adjuster and stay in contact with them throughout your claim.

Learn about our health care network

Texas Mutual will collaborate with your employee's doctor to identify activities that are safe for your employee while they are recovering. You can assist with your employee's recovery by providing modified job duties or other return-to-work options based on your adjuster's guidance. Your adjuster and your employee's doctor will communicate about your employee's treatment plan. They will keep you informed of progress and next steps for both you and your employee.

Texas Mutual works with you, your employee and your employee's doctor to create a plan that helps your employee return to a productive life as quickly as possible.

Return-to-work resources

Encourage your employee to follow their treatment plan and continue to support them through modified duties and with open communication. Your adjuster and employee's doctor will communicate with you about changes to their light-duty restrictions as they recover.

Think ahead about keeping a safe workplace and providing training for your employees to help reduce the chances of future on-the-job injuries. You can take advantage of our free online safety resources or call 844-WORKSAFE (967-5723).

Safety resources