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Safety Groups for Employers

Join others in your industry to maximize savings

We know that workers’ comp is one of many business expenses you have to consider. Joining a safety group can help you maximize your savings through premium discounts and group dividends. 

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) allows employers in similar businesses to form safety groups, giving them group purchasing power to earn a discount. We have 25 groups that cover industries from agriculture to security.

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get premium discounts and more

$21.2 million

paid in safety group dividends in 2021

What are the benefits?

In addition to a 12.2% to 12.4% premium discount, you’ll have access to customized safety resources for your industry and the potential to earn a second dividend.

Dividends are based on performance and are not guaranteed, but Texas Mutual has paid dividends for more than 21 consecutive years. 

How do I join a safety group?

Your agent can see if you qualify for a safety group during the quoting process. While Texas Mutual does not charge any additional fee to join a safety group, there are a few that require a business or industry association membership that may have a fee. Explore the groups below.

Need help getting started?

Ask your insurance agent about workers' compensation with Texas Mutual. If you need help finding an agent, we can help you connect with one.

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